Financial Goals

My list for ultimate financial freedom! (updated 7/11/2012)

This is a list of ALL my financial goals, short term and long term. I'm sure I'll keep adding on to this as I come up with more stuff.
  • Pay off debt - DONE
  • Continue 401k contributions - at 5% - DONE
  • Open up Roth IRA - DONE
  • Keep weekly spending at $150 or less - DONE
  • Roth IRA contributions at 5% - DONE
  • Open up another credit card with better rewards - DONE
  • Save up for law school - DONE (I've got $33k in cash however it's still my e-fund)
  • Find freelance work
  • Buy an investment property and rent it out - Postponed until after law school
  • Save up 25% for a down payment on my dream house - To be continued
  • Invest in some stocks once I have savings - DONE (through IRA) Not sure if I want to do it myself.
  • Start my own business (this is a secret for now!)
  • Pay interest each month for student loans
  • Take out only the minimum amount of loans for law school

  • Build emergency fund up to $10,000 - DONE; it sits at over $30k but it's for the condo down payment
  • Gift fund, goal - $500 by December 2012 - DONE, I have $900 in there
  • Travel fund, goal - $2,000 - sits at $1,000 right now
  • Max out roth IRA for 2012 year, goal - $5,000
  • Continue 401k contributions
  • Start a wedding fund, goal of $20,000
  • Participate in Employee Stock Program 3% - DONE
  • Start a college savings fund for my future kids
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