Here are some of my posts that I have published previously if you don't feel like digging through my archive! I also posted links in my "about me" section but here are more posts for your viewing pleasure.

How to Tell If You Are a Shopaholic
15 (+2) Tips to Fight the Shopping Bug
How My Smartphone Saves Me Money
My Problem with Cash
Extra Income Ideas & Freebies
Risky vs. Conservative Investing
Is Being a Perfectionist Harmful for Your Wallet?
PF Pet Peeves
How Far Would You Go for Money?
Money Psychology: Charging Yourself
How I Rent Movies for Free
"You Have to Marry Rich!"
Are Your Kids Good Investments?
How to Maximize Chase Sapphire Preferred & Freedom Cards

How to Get Along With Older Coworkers and How it Helps You
A Boss's Guide for Young Productive Employees
How to Analyze Your Job in 7 Ways
My Job Analysis
Why I Love Having a Female Boss
The Golden Handcuffs
Peer Pressure in the Workplace
Where Did My Paycheck Go?

Boyfriend's Financial Style
Relationship Chronicles: Monthly Financial Meetings
Relationship Chronicles: Planning for the Future With Debt
A Thriving Business: Our Relationship
Joint Credit Cards: Brewing Up a Storm?

When a Recipe for Success Fails
Growing Up: Broke to Comfortable
I Gave Up a Kitchen For Money
The "No One Cares What You Wear" Experiment
Easy Home-Cooked Meals
Being Judged by Appearance
Birth Order Analysis
Modesty Reflected in Your Clothing
How to Plan a Multi-Family Vacation Without Going Crazy
How I Ended Up in the Emergency Room Because of Vanity, Twice
You Know You're Obsessed with Personal Finance Blogging When...

It's Official...I'm Going to Law School
Don't Take No For an Answer Part 1: How to Negotiate Scholarship Money
Making Huge Life Decisions
Confession: I Wasted $4,495 Because I Was Lazy

Condo Shopping
The Rich Are Gettin' Richer and I'm Gettin' Left Behind
Learning the Investment Property Process
Condo Shopping

Personal (my) Finance
My Biggest Money Mistake
How to Prepare for a Financial Transition
Financial Lessons through Video Games (Call of Duty: Black Ops)
Financial Lessons and Other Stuff I Learned From My Mom
The Power of "Unlimited"
When Being Scared Saves Me Money
Gadget History and What I Paid for Them
How Much if the Stuff in Your Purse Worth?
9 Weird Ways I Save
Rant: I Know but I'm Lazy
Rich People Like Fake Jewelry Too
Lazy People & Personal Finance FTW
How Spring Makes Us Spend More

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
Push Yourself to the Limit
Money Psychology: Find Your Motivation
Learning From and Applying Principles of Past Mistakes
The Comparison Trap

Hope you enjoy these posts! If you have any suggestions or would like to see more topics covered, please let me know :)


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